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16th September 2010

Romantic Comedies for the Sentimental and Humorous

Unlike most movie genres, romantic comedies are one that can be enjoyed by any. You do not need to be afraid since it does not give you the chills horror movies do; you do not need to be bored over lengthy dramas that only has an ending after long; and yo...

16th September 2010

3 of the Best Real-Life Portrayals of Sportsmen

The best sports movies always portray a good sport that show that nothing is impossible in life if you work hard for it. Here are 3 of the best sports movies' with portrayals of some of these real life fascinating people. The Cinderella Man (2005) A b...

16th September 2010

3 Good Family Movies to Watch during the Weekend

Here are some good movies you can watch with your family. With aspects of entertainment and educational bits, you will not be dry of conversation topics. WALL-E (2008) Planet Earth, in this movie, is overly polluted by humans that it becomes too toxic...

16th September 2010

4 of the Best Stop-Motion Movies

Stop motions require precision and patience to create the fluid moving pictures you see on screen. Hence, it is always fascinating to see the outcome of that diligence. Here are some of the greatest movies made in stop-motion that you simply cannot miss. ...

16th September 2010

The Top 4 Romantic Comedies of All Time

Do you like to cuddle up with your partner in front of the television? Here are some of the best movies in the genre of romantic comedies. Harold and Maude (1971) In this rather morbid film, Harold is a 19-year old that enjoys staging his own death an...

08th September 2010

Art Portfolio Case – Make Your Case!

Art work comes in various types - drawings, paintings, pictures, sketches and graphics, sculptures, legal documents, etc. Concerned with damaging art work and supplies while transporting to various locations or an acceptable display format for finished pr...

08th September 2010

Shopping for Art Cases – Is Cheap Good?

For those that deal frequently with heavy paper work or drawings, buying art cases might be a regular activity. Owing to the cost of purchasing most art cases, it is therefore not feasible or economically viable to invest large amounts in them. For this g...

08th September 2010

Tips for Buying Art Cases

Shopping for an art case is not the same as shopping for a briefcase. Depending on your nature of work, your product may not be as standard as regular items. Choosing the right kind of art case is very important to any artist. You don't want your casing t...

08th September 2010

The Best Art Case

The debate as to which is the best art case cannot be answered generally. One which is ideal for one might not be ideal for the other for a variety of reasons. The good news is that no matter how unique the need is, with patience and guide, there is somet...

08th September 2010

Is Your Art Case Suitable?

As the name implies, an art case is a material used to hold art work of any calibre to protect it from wear and tear among other display and presentation benefits. Today, the traditional use of it has given way to style and urban trend. No longer is it de...

31st August 2010

John Travolta Filmography – A Star-Studded Selection

The John Travolta filmography projects an awesome effect as it spans across a wide spectrum of period and genre. He first started his professional acting career in the early 1970's and has been actively involved since. His movie portfolio is able to kno...

17th August 2010

Handmade Purses for Loved Ones

If you are interested in making your own handmade purses, here are a few tips and useful instructions on how to do so. There are so many methods in getting quality self-created bags with your own creativity and handicraft skills. You can place your coins ...

17th August 2010

One And Many Recipes For Ground Beef

At its mere mention, recipes for ground beef probably entail visions of the proverbial burger. Whether they are a product of the golden arches or a home-made version slapped together with special herbs and spices, the burger is possibly the best inventio...

17th August 2010

Recipes for Diabetics To Regain Control Of Life

As diabetes is more commonly seen in all levels of the population regardless of race, culture, age and affordability, it is important to understand that this condition is to be adopted into one's lifestyle. It is to be taken in a positive manner as a bal...

17th August 2010

Recipes for Pork Chops without Breaking A Sweat

Although the chop is one of the many parts on the pig, it makes a delightful presentation on the dining table. Normally served with a bone attached, there are various cuts of chops depending on what area of the animal it is cut from. Its sizes also diff...