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23rd August 2011

The Popularity of Sunbeds is Rising

The popularity of sunbeds is rising, fuelled by unpredictable weather, time constraints and an increasing desire to have an even, all-over tan. Sunbeds have had to overcome a bad reputation following years of misuse by avid fans. Today, armed with infor...

23rd August 2011

The Fake Tanning Revolution

Today more people than ever are using fake tanning products to get that all-important glow. The need for a tan has become an all-consuming passion with some. This addiction to a bronzed look is not just found in those of a certain age, from a certain ar...

23rd August 2011

The Advantages of Renting Sunbeds

Renting sunbeds has a number of advantages over simply buying one. If you have used sunbeds before and are familiar with their operation, having been trained in the past, then it might make more financial sense in the long term to buy. However, you also n...

23rd August 2011

Spray Tanning Machines Deliver Results for Everyone

Spray tans are often applied by a beauty worker, but they can also be applied using spray tanning machines: special booths which are built to deliver just the right amount of spray tan solution. High-quality professional booths come with draining and vent...

23rd August 2011

Spray Tanning Cubicles

Tans look glamorous and exotic: darker skin can also give the illusion of more even muscle tone, and can make you look thinner. And there’s nothing like a dark or bronze tan to make you look and feel radiant in your own skin. Spray or ‘airbrush’ tanning, ...

28th February 2011

Spray tanning: the safer alternative to UV

Spray tanning has enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent months and years, as people look for different ways to achieve the traditional tan. In times of uncertainty about the risks of over-exposure to ultraviolet light, this is one way of looking good wi...

23rd February 2011

Spray tanning: a good alternative to ‘real’ tanning?

I used to set a lot of store by my healthy tan, but a couple of scares made me think again. But I still like the colour of my skin, and didn’t want to give that up. Spray tanning enabled me to keep that without the risk – or worry. As someone with oliv...