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About Me: Mr Dhanabir Singh Th is the CEO of National Infotech and is presently an Internet Entrepreneur in Affiliate Marketing with less than 1 year experience. Mr Singh had offline working experience of 25 years in the Top Management level at different capacities.

Presently, now he is promoting 31 different niches online.

I am an Ex Flying Pilot, Ex Glider Pilot and Paratrooper. I love Games & Sports and actively participated in it.

His main aim is to offer maximum earning opportunities online to the entire world either with no investment or minimum investment helping in improving the earning opportunities of the society.


14th April 2010

How To Make WindMill Blades & Generate Power Electricity?

So you've decided to build your own windmill. Possibly you took the right steps and purchased one of the top guides that teach the subject. Or maybe you're more daring and trying to do it without professionally written instruction. In either case one area...

14th April 2010

Wind Turbines As a Source of Power for Home.

The first thing to look at, before you ever consider converting to wind power, is the area where you live. A windmill solution obviously requires wind. More specifically you want wind speeds that exceed 8MPH on average. Even 8MPH is considered a low-wind-...