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24th February 2011

Frederic Gaspoz on Agriculture and Climate

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (“FAO”), world agriculture must undergo significant changes in order to meet the related challenges of achieving food security and responding to climate change. For Frederic Gaspoz, the most important fac...

21st September 2010

Energy Challenges by Frederic Gaspoz

Our society evolves towards an increase in oil production. As it needs to always make progress, it leads to a continuous increase of demand for products and services in developed countries. Frederic Gaspoz explains that the effectiveness of the energy use...

02nd July 2010

Frederic Gaspoz on Risk

In the same way that 1 kilogram is always 1 kilogram and 1 hour is always 1 hour, risk can be measured, and a certain risk is always the same risk. Is it really true? - asks Frederic Gaspoz. An object of 1 kilogram on earth has another weight on the moon....