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01st March 2011

Different Types of Solar Heating

In a perfectly contained system, where humans could capture all of the power from the sun to use it to power cities and homes, the sun's output could meet the yearly energy requirements of the country within a few minutes. Instead of relying on fossil fue...

01st February 2011

Environmental Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

One of the main reasons that many people are choosing to heat and power their homes with alternative sources of energy like wind and solar power is that they are relatively inexpensive after the initial setup costs. Mother Nature provides sunlight for peo...

30th November 2010

A Solar Hot Water Heating System Can Save You Money

Conventional water heaters are an incredibly inefficient way to heat the water we use in our homes everyday. These systems are constantly heating a large reservoir of water around the clock so that it is ready for use when we need it. The gas or electric ...

01st November 2010

How Do Active Solar Heating Systems Work?

An active solar heating system differs from a passive one because it uses various components to collect and distribute the solar heat it collects. Passive systems typically involve architectural changes to a home that allows the solar heat to be used more...

22nd September 2010

Things to Consider Before Selecting a Solar Installer

With the increased popularity and availability of alternative energy, many homeowners are beginning to use these methods to meet some or all of their home power needs. The most popular method is solar power, due to its efficiency and relatively low cost. ...

20th August 2010

How Solar Water Heating Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Solar water heating is the free and natural way to have hot water in the home. Whenever the sun shines it shines on the solar panels or collectors that are fitted to the roof. There are two types of solar water heating panels, evacuated tubes and flat pla...

23rd June 2010

The Advantages of a DIY Solar Power System

Fear of global warming is causing everyone to turn "green" in any way they can. We are all currently contributing to environmental deterioration in one way or another. The lessening of environmental integrity has a negative effect on our health especially...

24th March 2010

Solar Energy – The Sun’s Gift to Mankind

Scientists tell us that our sun is dying. It will, in time, run out of fuel, cool down and expand into a red giant. But as that is going to take approximately 5 billion years, we have plenty of time to take advantage of the solar energy which it currently...