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23rd April 2010

MTG Merchant Land

Magic: The Gathering or MTG is a valuable game card created by Richard Garfiel, a mathematician and was then introduced by Wizard of the Coat in 1993. Land cards are one key aspect of playing Magic: The Gathering. It is also considered as a card type in e...

20th April 2010

MTG Merchant Foil

Foil cards are premium Magic: The Gathering cards that have a "silky" or foil finish to them. All foil cards are mostly black-bordered, to include those game cards from core sets, with exemption to Unhinged, a tournament-prohibited set, which were printed...

14th April 2010

MTG Merchant Zendikar

Zendikar is the first set Zendikar Block and the 51st Expansion Set of Magic: The Gathering which was released last October 2009. In the book "The Purifying Fire", Zendikar is a plane that has been predicted. Planeswalkers is what we call the character th...

13th April 2010

MTG Merchant Revised

Revised Edition was the 3rd edition and 4th printing of Magic: The Gathering. This card set named Revised because it was the first Core Set with revision to the list of cards. A lot of confusion frequently surrounds the order of the original card sets ...

07th April 2010

MTG Merchant Beta

The Beta Edition is the 2nd printing of Magic: The Gathering or merely called "Beta". Excluding Volcanic Island and Circle of Protection: Black that were unintentionally left out, both Beta and Alpha cards have almost the same content. There are also seve...

06th April 2010

MTG Merchant Alpha

The first printing of Magic: The Gathering was Alpha, which was released last July 1993. The total number of Alpha was around 2.6 million cards and was printed only in limited number. Beta Card was released before long Alpha was already sold out in the ma...

06th April 2010

MTG Merchant Alara Reborn

The 3rd set in the Alara block is the Alara Reborn, also the forerunner of Conflux and Shards of Alara. Alara Reborn, which is also called Scissors, go after Wizards of the Coast's latest publishing standards. Alara Reborn includes 145 cards and was relea...

01st April 2010

MTG Merchant Mox Sapphire

In the most primitive Core Sets of Magic and even prior to expansion sets. Magic The Gathering, known as "Core Sets" have presented several exceptionally powerful cards. What I'm referring to is no other than the Power 9 Cards which considered as the most...

23rd March 2010

MTG Merchant Collection

Buying a player's collection is a practical way to save money, as wells as, increasing own collection. Mostly, collectors buy a player's collection in the hopes of finding valuable premium cards included in. Usually, one can obtain large number of valuabl...