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23rd August 2010

Different Types of Indian Call Center

A call centre is an office where outbound calls are made & incoming calls are handled. These are usually large offices having representatives who either receive or make calls. Some call centers are involved in handling inbound calls, for example banks wh...

12th August 2010

BPO Services for Market Research

Market Research - BPO Services India Business development process begins from market research and gaining information about customers. Reaching out to customers or organizations gathers a lot of information that can steer business organizations towards...

25th May 2010

Indian Art Online

These days a lot of web portals have been developed which cater to the tastes of the artistically inclined. The art collectors get the opportunity to upload the images of their art collection consisting of Indian artworks or otherwise. Indian contemporary...

11th May 2010

A glimpse of early Indian sculptures

India has a rich and glorious heritage of sculptures that have an important place in world. These early sculptures depict the variety of Indian art as long as 4000 years ago. A strong sense of imagination and design is clearly visible in these sculptures ...