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19th March 2010

Tricks And Tips For Oil Painting

Before purchasing new artwork for your home, you may want to consider creating your own oil painting. Oil paintings are often complex, colorful, and very detailed, and can add a nice touch to one's home. Before starting to paint with oils, some items do ...

19th March 2010

The Basics Of Oil Painting

When you want to add new artwork to your home, you may want to consider painting your own oil painting. These paintings can be vibrant, detailed, and multi-layered. Oil painting does require some preparation. Before starting, one must first buy several n...

19th March 2010

Oil Painting Tips They Don't Teach You

If oil painting isn't something you have done yet, we encourage you to do it. Some of the world's most famest paintings are done with oil based paint. You can have a lot of fun with it. However, you might learn that with any style of painting, there are s...

19th March 2010

Oil Painting Tips From Some Professionals

As an artist, you might want to try something different. That is how artists are at times. They like to be talented in a few areas. Some of you might be looking into the idea of oil painting. Therefore, we have some tips that they normally don't teach. Th...

18th March 2010

Oil Painting Tips For Any Beginner

If oil painting has been something that you have wanted to take up, but might not have had the nerve to do as of yet, let us help you then. We have a few tips for those who are considering oil painting. Let's look at a few of those for those of you out th...