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14th January 2011

Organic makeups and its facts

mineral foundation are the next generation solution for all those beauty conscious women who always tend to stay beautiful and all pampered. It is really surprising of how different makeups using mineral foundations looks. The best part is the producers o...

22nd August 2010

Summertime Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is great all year round, but in the summer itís especially handy. Every makeup wearing woman has noticed how makeup ďmeltsĒ off in the heat due to perspiration. Most donít know thereís something they can do about it. The following are tips ...

22nd August 2010

The Best Organic Cosmetics for Dark Brown Eyes

Browned eyed women often have trouble finding the right shade of makeup to make their overall look appear to be pulled together and well-coordinated. There are some tricks to working with brown eyes that many women donít yet know about. Very dark eyed w...