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10th August 2010

Stately Country Homes Make Ideal Wedding Venues

Once you enter the planning stage of your wedding, among the very first things to be decided on is the venue. Of course for many people and you may be one of them, a church is tops on the list. It just doesn't get any more traditional than that and beside...

04th August 2010

When Should I Use Mobile Access Platforms

When working in high places, mobile access platforms are a piece of equipment no worker should be without. The use of such a platform not only keeps workers safe but also allows maximum work height to get the job finished properly. Additionally, using the...

18th June 2010

Events and Conference Lighting Tips

"Do you really have to make a stage production out of it?" This is a colloquial concept and is its recognized meaning is "dramatic, elaborate and visually stunning." Abet, it is usually used in the sense of the unnecessary application of this to a persona...

26th May 2010

How Much Can I Save with Energy Saving Devices Like Efergy Elite & Eco Kettle?

The 21st century is known as the Green century. We all have become used to seeing the giant windmills and the solar panels almost everywhere we go these days. The news is filled with the promise of exciting new energy sources that will save the environmen...