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22nd June 2010

Industrial emissions have been blamed as the major cause of acid rain

Acid rain, which is a form of air pollution, currently becomes a subject of great debate because of widespread environmental damage for which it has been blamed. It forms when oxides of sulfur ($L) and nitrogen ( M,) combine with atmospheric moisture to y...

09th June 2010

Oprah Winfrey1 's commencement address Wellesley College

My hat's off to you! My hat's off to you! [ Crowd cheers : Go Girl ! ] You all have "gone" girls! I want to say thank you , Dr. Walsh and to the esteemed2 faculty, to those of you par- ents — what you have been through, God Bless you — and to t...

02nd June 2010

Holding Hands

My husband Paul's hands had a fine,firm feeling:warm, never cold,never moist, their slight pressure always reassuring. And whenever those hands sought mine in the final days of his life,he pressed them both together around one of my hands. It was during ...

24th May 2010

It is a brilliant idea to combat vandalism by using "high intensity lighting

It is a brilliant idea to combat vandalism by using "high intensity lighting It is a brilliant idea to combat vandalism by using "high intensity lighting," and I agree to the president's recommendation that Amburg should follow suit. Any measure intende...

19th May 2010

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Anna pushed herself up from the bench and walked steadily with her cane toward the umbrella thief's office. As soon as she entered the room, she saw it. The blue umbrella was propped-', unopened, against a floor-to-ceiling window. Seeing it so near, nearl...

19th May 2010

GHD is for DIY hair style

Leaning on her cane, Anna emerged onto the street and trudged into the steady drizzle. The pursuit of her umbrella had distracted her temporarily from the weight of her grief. The sorrow returned now, magnified and unyielding—its force made sharper by t...

19th May 2010

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As the force of the loss was hitting her, a tiny miracle occurred. Anna spotted the blue dome of her umbrella bobbing along the sidewalk across the street. For a second, she could-not breathe. Was it hers? Yes! A gift from her son, he had brought it from ...