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16th August 2010

Beauty Of Indian Landscape Captured in Art Paintings

India is enchanting, ancient land with the fascinating wealth of natural beauty our surroundings are full of life which are unique in their existence. The natural scenery as the forests, mountains trees, flowers, river valleys, stormy seas and the lakes o...

04th August 2010

Websites promoting All Forms of Indian Art

Indian art landscape is undergoing a makeover in not just the rising no. of aficionados or art-lovers which is reflected by its promotion through promotional websites. These websites perform the essential utility of providing a easy option for art lovers ...

07th July 2010

Web portals promoting Indian Art – Modern, Contemporary or Traditional

Indian art scene is witnessing a transformation in not only the increasing no. of appreciators or art-lovers which co-relates with the advanced techniques of its promotion through web portals. These web portals perform the basic function of providing a co...

04th June 2010

Define Abstract Art

The literal meaning of the word Abstract means something you cannot define. Abstract art utilizes a visual language of form, colour or a line in order to create a composition. An Abstract artwork may seem to you like a painting of squares and lines, with ...

02nd June 2010


India is a place where culture, traditions and art has been given special place. Since ancient times art has been of special significance to the Indians; cave paintings of Ajanta and Ellora make evident the unparalleled skills of Indian artists. The earli...

02nd June 2010

Precious Gemstone Export from India

Some companies of Precious gemstone wholesale and retail is managed by some families in India. They have great expertise which is not available anywhere else in the world. This is so because they represent a blend of the traditional and the technically ad...

29th May 2010

Art Web Portals in India

Art lovers never had it so good. They only need to log on to internet to browse through and buy Indian art. Indian artworks are displayed online by some websites which display it in all its genre and subject. These portals have become an interactive virtu...

24th May 2010

Art Collection is an express way of fun and knowledge

Art collection is an interesting hobby as well as an obsession because people doing the art collection become quite knowledgeable on the subject of what they collect. There is no specific definition for art work and it can be just anything ranging from li...

18th May 2010

Indian Contemporary Art

Art gallery is the space where various forms of art are displayed to public. The various art are sculpture, hand loom, photographs, illustrations, installations art, paintings and applied arts. Works of various artists are exhibited in a room or cluster o...

18th March 2010

Folk painting - Perfect medium to depict the vivid nature of India

If you want to experience the true India through the artworks done by the Indian artists then you should consider the Indian folk paintings. As the name suggests, folk painting is the specific form of artworks done by the folk people of the nation. These ...

11th March 2010

Indian women in artworks

When it comes to the discussion of Indian women then an image of a beautiful lady wearing a sari and red dot on the forehead comes in mind. Surveys say that the Indian women are the most respected women of the world. Indian women have always been epitomiz...