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04th March 2010

Getting Into Photography - Learning the Art

To be successful in the art of photography means not only knowing the basic portrait retouching technique but going deeper to advanced photo editing and photo restoration. You should have the eye especially in pointing out what is wrong with the portrait ...

04th March 2010

Basic Portrait Retouching - Making Portraits and Photos Look Better

Photos are images that are meant to attract. But to perfect an image in a photo is not that easy. Sometimes, a little retouching or restoration is needed which requires a bit of skills. The most common basic portrait retouching services that are being req...

04th March 2010

Intermediate Portrait Retouching - Enhancing the Uniqueness of a Portrait

The outcome of a portrait all depends on the photographer and how the intermediate portrait retouching is done. For a professional photographer, portraits are all about chronicling an event or an image and consequently conserving it on film after correcti...

04th March 2010

Advanced Portrait Retouching - Leveling Up in Photo Editing

Do-it-yourself Digital Image Editing When we take pictures, we get upset when we don't like what we see. We immediately press the delete button. If it seems that you don't like the way you or your child appears in the photos, be thankful that digital i...

04th March 2010

Basic/Intermediate Photo Retouching - Getting Done With Retouching

Before starting on the basic/intermediate photo retouching procedures, you need to be settled in an area where bright light or reflections could not hinder the image in the monitor screen. Calibrate your monitor so that the common problem of color discrep...

04th March 2010

Advanced Photo Editing - Creating Photos That Tell Beyond Words

One of the great advantages of digital photography over film is that the final output can be pretty useful. Having only film cameras before was quite difficult. A big bulk of the output lies on the processing laboratory so that they can enhance the appear...

04th March 2010

Photo Art - The Best Decorative Investment

In the past, art forms have been used by people as a medium of conveying emotions and ideas and the most common are art paintings. However, the continuous evolution of technology has made photo arts equally admired just like the normal paintings. Artists,...

04th March 2010

Photo Restoration - Making Photos Look New

Photo restoration is the unique way to repair and restore your old photos. It involves photo editing techniques that will bring a new glow to the photo to make it look like it has just been taken recently. It converts faded, wrinkled, torn, or moldy photo...

04th March 2010

Photo Collages - Organize Your Cherished Memories

Your favorite pictures, old and new, can now be given a unique twist by making them into photo collages. They are great keepsakes that will definitely last a lifetime. A collage of pictures is a group of photos that have been taken on a particular event o...

04th March 2010

Intro to Site’s Services - Creating Sharp Looking Images

There are people whose passion is creating marvelous pictures. They find it rewarding to be able to enhance photos and create images as if they have been taken by professionals. This is now possible with photo editing techniques that allow you to manage, ...