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18th March 2010

Make Up For Small Eyes

Eyes occupy the most outstanding place among the 5 sensory organs of our body. Large and lovely eyes enhance one's beauty manifold. Healthy eyes are directly connected to general health. Use eye-build up terribly sparingly, for its excessive use damages t...

17th March 2010

How To Dye Hair At Home

Natural hair dye is a good solution to anyone who is looking to dye their hair but has had problems with using hair dye in the past. The good thing about these types of hair dye is that they are much more healthier for your hair and they do not kill it as...

12th March 2010

Hair Coloring Tips

Does your hair color fade within days after you have hair color? You're not alone...most hair color fades about 20% with the first shampoo. Look at the following "reminders" to help keep your color looking radiant and healthy, everyday of the month Na...

12th March 2010

Hair Style For Curly hair

Romantic, feminine, elegant & sexy - these are just some of the words which can be used to describe long curly hair styles. Whether you have lush, natural curls or a slightly wavy texture, the good news is that you can wear them in a variety of styles tha...