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18th April 2011

It's Not About Jobs

Copyright (c) 2011 Scott F Paradis With government reported unemployment hovering around nine percent and the real unemployment rate much higher, those with constituencies to please are talking off a script intent to create jobs. Along a commuter route...

29th March 2011

One Nation Under Debt

Copyright (c) 2011 Scott F Paradis In light of our burgeoning national debt and impending financial catastrophe, Robert E. Wright points out that without "the debt", what we know as the United States would likely not exist. During and after the revolut...

14th February 2011

National Debt Relief

Copyright (c) 2011 Scott F Paradis Sensational rhetoric resounds, "We must raise the debt ceiling or face bankruptcy." The underlying message to this all but foregone conclusion is that the full faith, trust and confidence of the U.S. Government, and b...

17th January 2011

Congress - Coalition Of The Unwilling And Unable

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott F Paradis As the sanctimonious fervor raging around the tax rates extension subsides, and we breathe a collective sigh of relief as presumably more dollars will flow to our own pockets, we find our nation accelerating down a pa...

23rd November 2010

Mandate? Not This Election

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott F Paradis Any claim by a politician or party of a mandate to rule from this election is clear evidence of having missed the message. The prevailing mantra to move the electorate has become: "We are not them!" where "them" ref...

19th March 2010

America in a Hole? Stop Digging!

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott F Paradis The first thing to do when in a hole is stop digging. Well we've created quite a hole for ourselves. Millions out of work, entire industries failing, housing values crashing, state budgets crumbling and of course bo...