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16th March 2011

Who Is Ed Balls The New Labour Party Shadow Chancellor?

What does the public know about the new Labour shadow chancellor Ed Balls who has taken over from Alan Johnson who rather sadly left the Labour front bench over what he said were 'personal issues'. However we do know that Ed Balls was not the initial c...

02nd March 2011

Who Released The Lockerbie Bomber?

One has to ask was the Labour administration complicit helping bring about the premature release of the lockerbie bomber? According to a dossier of previously classified documents which will be published today 7th February 2011 the previous Labour gove...

18th February 2011

Ex Prime Minister Blair Criticised Over War Decisions From A Sofa Government

Two previous chiefs of the UK civil service have stated before the Chilcot Iraq inquiry that Tony Blair took the UK to war in Iraq with out the approval of his cabinet. Both Lord Turnbull and Lord Wilson of Dinton totally refuted the claims made by ex ...

15th February 2011

Ex Prime Minisiter Gordon Brown Fears His Mobile Was Hacked

Gordon Brown has contacted the Police to state that his mobile phone might have been illegaly listened to while he was in the Labour Government. It is not clear as to whether he thinks his message box was listened to or his actual voice transmission. ...

10th February 2011

What Does John Prescott Think Of Ed Miliband?

It required a luxury cruise on a Cunard liner for John Prescott's candid feelings about Tony Blair, Grumpy Gordon Brown and Red Ed Miliband to be revealed. Some 700 passengers on the Queen Mary 2 the Cunard flagship received the benefit of the fomer de...

05th February 2011

Is Ed Miliband a Future Prime Minister In Waiting?

Is Red Ed a possible Prime Minister in waiting? Or is he just holding the fort for the time being? I think that to be an effective leader of any political party one needs to act and look like a credible Prime Minister. Unfortunately the current leader...

04th February 2011

Is Ed Miliband A Tax Expert?

So what can be said about Ed Miliband the new Labour leader and his belief that the VAT rise from 17.5% to 20% is the wrong tax at the wrong time? Is it in fact that Ed Miliband is the wrong leader at the wrong time? Before we consider that questio...

11th May 2010

Why Does Gordon Brown Not Resign?

Gordon Brown has confirmed that he is fighting for his political survival. He is still claiming that the result he wishes to see is yet another outright victory for Labour. Unfortunately for him the polls are clearly saying that the chance of such ...

06th May 2010

Is Gordon Brown Finished?

It has been reported that Brown is planning a last ditch revamp of his campaign but it all sounds like Custer's last stand as it is beginning to look like the labour party will suffer a massive defeat. He needs to face up to the reality that the Labou...

27th April 2010

Should Gordon Brown Form a Coalition ?

Can Gordon Brown form a coalition and if so with who? The question that many people would like to know in the run up to the UK General Election on 6th May 2010 is whether Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats will work with Gordon Brown the current leade...

23rd April 2010

Who Lost The UK 7 Billion ?

It is estimated that £7 billion sterling has been lost by the premature sales of the British gold reserves when prices were at a record 20 year low. Doesn't seem like a canny move does it? It has been reported that Gordon Brown has been ordered und...

22nd April 2010

How do you Judge Gordon Brown

How should we judge Gordon Brown's performance of the economy as Chancellor and latterly as Prime Minister of Britain? The Labour Government under Tony Blair come to power in the May of 1997 and had inherited a strong economy together with the granary ...

16th April 2010

Vote for Gordon Brown

What ever we may think of Gordon Brown he does appear to be a great survivor but I think in many ways he reminds me of a captain on a ship that has lost control of its steering,navigation and radar systems and is in fog. There are tricky waters and sto...

14th April 2010

Saving BusinessTax

One always has to be very aware that tax avoidance is a legal and proper means of minimizing your tax bill where as tax evasion is illegal and must be avoided. HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs) have increasing powers and this is a very strong deterr...

11th April 2010

Gordon Brown Fails Army

It was reported in the British press in March 2010 that British Soldiers "would be alive" if they had the right equipment. Gordon Brown failed to increase their funding in real terms. The relatives of the first female soldier Cpl Sarah Bryant who was ...