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04th March 2010

Celebrity Gossip On Twitter

Twitter is the biggest buzz on the internet now. What started off as thought and knowledge sharing in 140 characters has now become the birthplace for many celebrity gossip stories. The greatest advantage of sourcing celeb gossip stories from Twitter is t...

03rd March 2010

Entertainment News: The Attack of the Digital Age

The world of entertainment news is divided into two worlds: one that existed before the digital age boom and the other, after it. By digital age, we mean all those equipments and technological progress that has shaped the industry of celebrity gossip as w...

01st March 2010

Celebrity Gossip: The Danger Bend

Celebrity gossip hunting can sometimes get dangerous for the reporter as well as for the celebrity. We are not unaware of the dangers associated with the paparazzi tailing a celeb as she gets out of a restaurant with her partner. Celeb gossip reporters ca...