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11th February 2010

Don't Be Banned From Farmville

Are your Farmville crops withering? Are you losing much more funds than you gain? Are others prospering when you just can't get on the next level? Don't enable desperation get the best of you. Jabez Stone did and lived to regret it. Jabez Stone was the...

11th February 2010

Farmville Cash: Where to Get It

What is Farmville cash? Ever since I began writing about Farmville strategy and tips, this really is just one of the most commonly asked questions. Specifically, how can I get more of it? Remember, this really is cash we're talking about, not coins. You w...

11th February 2010

Farmville Etiquette: Be a Great Neighbor

Farmville, like real life, has selected guidelines for getting along with acquaintances and neighbors. You'll get a lot more neighbors and a lot more of them are going to be willing to aid you in the event you adhere to particular guidelines of Farmville ...

10th February 2010

Farmville: Get Experience Quickly

Are your Farmville neighbors leveling up quicker than you happen to be? How can someone who started out playing after you be so far ahead? You want experience points to increase levels, so get a lot more experience points more quickly. Okay, that's eas...