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03rd June 2011

The iPhone 4 White Against The HTC Sensation

One of the most important yet underrated aspects of any mobile phone is the operating system that it runs on. This determines exactly how you use the phone, how the menus appear and what functionality the handset offers you. We have seen several mobile...

05th May 2011

The Blackberry Torch Blends A Touchscreen With A Qwerty Keypad

The success of the Android platform in the mobile phone market along with the huge popularity of the Apple iPhone has caused RIM to rethink their strategy with regards to their Blackberry range of handsets. These phones were once the corporate mans compa...

04th May 2011

A Close Look At The HTC Chacha

The second of HTCs new handsets that are optimised for Facebook use is the ChaCha, a model with an unusual name but some sensible and user friendly features that make it a great phone for all manner of users. Despite obviously holding great appeal with t...

12th April 2011

The New HTC Wildfire-The Perfect Phone For The Younger User

When you take a close look at the HTC range of mobile handsets, you can easily target which models are aimed at which audience thanks to a combination of both pricing and features. The HTC Desire HD for example will appeal to multi media fans, the Desire...

07th April 2011

Connectivity Options Stand Out On The Fantastic Blackberry Torch

As far as mobile handsets go, the Blackberry Torch is one with many tricks up its sleeve. A good deal of these wonderful features however have the great connectivity that this phone offers to thank. In a world where a mobile handset is much more than a ...

07th April 2011

The New Motorola Xoom Boasting Android 3.0

With tablet devices becoming the new must have gadget in the marketplace, it is becoming quite a bit of a task to differentiate between the models. There are units with small screens, large screens, varying camera specifications and an array of features ...

06th April 2011

The Amazing Defy From Motorola Takes Phone Durability To A New Level

With the release of Motorolas latest smartphone offering, the Defy, the brand have given this model some unique properties to help make it stand out against the huge range of similar specification models currently available. Rather than focusing on scree...

30th March 2011

The Amazing HTC Incredible S-The Most User Friendly Handset To Date

The New Incredible S handset from HTC may win many fans for its great screen or gorgeous looks, but when it comes to actually using the phone, the excellent Sense user interface that has been developed by HTC makes it a very logical yet enjoyable experien...

30th March 2011

The Amazing HTC Desire S Featuring The Functional Sense UI

HTC have pushed themselves to the front of the smartphone market over the last couple of years thanks to a combination of great design, high specification features and superb functionality on their handsets. This last area has certainly been helped by th...

10th March 2011

The Amazing HTC Incredible S - The Perfect Multi Media Handset

Without the hype of mobile releases such as the Motorola Defy and the LG Optimus 3D, the new HTC Incredible S has creeped up quietly without all of the attention, yet managed to steal much of the limelight thanks to thoughtful design together with a set o...

09th March 2011

A Look At The Amazing HTC Desire S

The HTC Desire S is the follow up to the hugely popular original Desire handset. With such a tough act to follow, does this new model step up to the plate, or fail in its mission to replace one of the most impressive smartphones to date. In terms of l...

09th March 2011

The Amazing Galaxy S2 From Samsung - Destined To Become A Bestseller

Samsung are beginning to establish a reputation as a leading phone manufacturer on the back of the success of the hugely popular Galaxy S model. It is pleasing to see that the replacement for this model, the new Galaxy S2, far exceeds what was on offer o...

09th March 2011

The Amazing Galaxy S2 From Samsung - A New High Specification Smartphone

One of the biggest selling Android smart phones to date has been the Samsung Galaxy S. Looking to follow in its footsteps is the Galaxy S2, Samsungs follow up model that looks equally as impressive, if not more so thanks to a super slim profile and top o...

26th March 2010

The Samsung B7330 OmniaPro an overview

The B7330 OmniaPro has been released by Samsung. It hasn't been long since they released the B7320 OmniaPro. There was nothing wrong with the model however Samsung quickly released an upgrade. Not a great deal has been changed and both handsets will serve...

22nd March 2010

The Nokia 2220 Slide Pink, an Overview

The Nokia 2220 Slide Pink is a great little handset. Small, simple yet very functional. It weighs in at just 93 grams and measures 97 mm x 47 mm wide and 15 mm thick. Meaning that it sits comfortably in the hand and is also easy to use. It has a 128 x 160...