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12th July 2011

How to Choose a Flattering Hair Style for Your Face?

Why is this important? In other words, the wrong style created for the bad shape of the face, the result is a disaster. Because hairstyles are mainly on the shape and geometry. This is the definition of the perfect face of a person to bring balance and pe...

25th March 2011

What is a Facial and Why Get a Facial?

Why get a facial? If your face is too dry or greasy or if you are constantly looking for ways to help can hide unsightly stains with a facial image. What is a facial? A facial is the most popular after the massage. It is also called a "deep...

24th February 2011

Confused! What Hair Color to Choose

Hair color is a popular trend that everyone loves to follow. Hair is one of the most recognizable of the individual. The style and color of hair is a person of one of the first things the brains used to determine who will see. For this reason the hair is ...

11th February 2011

Natural make-up tips

With the subtle emphasis of your assets you can quickly look a few years younger, without having to undergo a cosmetic surgery. Creating the flawless complexion, it requires some dexterity in your cosmetic lineup. It also requires a bit of time, patience ...