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23rd February 2010

Filmmakers’ concentrate on auditions

Auditions are inevitable in the career path of every actor. The acting skills of the actors are being evaluated during the auditions. Most often the casting directors select the actors during the auditions as they believe that an actor puts his best effor...

11th February 2010

Auditions: Get, Set, Go !

Your audition dates are nearing and nothing matters to you more than performing well before the judges. It is quite natural to feel butterflies in your stomach whenever you think about it. Your mind is not in place and sometimes you may lose your appetite...

10th February 2010

Learn exactly how to practice for audition

If a person wants to act in a movie, he/she should find out where the auditions are taking place. Due to internet and cell phones, most aspiring actors, singers, models can find out where auditions are taking place. Nowadays, in internet there are variou...