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26th November 2010

Guidelines for Painting Pastel Landscapes

Painting Landscapes in Pastels is an innovative outlet. Most of the artist prefers Pastel to oil and acrylics as they are easily portable and not messy one although concerning on powdered pigments. The rules for painting a landscape painting vary from oil...

01st September 2010

Loosen up Your brushstrokes for Painting Style

When the artist learns to loosen up her brushstrokes the painting is permitted to stream around the canvas, becoming more visually gratifying. To loosen up your painting style, the artist requires substituting good painting practice for four major loose p...

28th July 2010

Fascinating Portraits – “The Beauty of Painting”

A person's face is analytic to the traits of the person. Numbers of people have a face that drips out the goings on in the deepest pits of their spirit without needing to speak a word. Others have a look that can be very tough to judge at first glimpse, b...

15th July 2010

Still-Life - The Work of Fine Art

One of the most excellent ways to familiarize oneself to the potential of oil painting is to paint a sequence of still-life paintings. An variety of fundamental shapes and objects gathered from your environments can not only be a appealing subject as a fo...

29th June 2010

The intellectuality of Art of Painting

Defining the art of painting is an appealing debate. What prepared Vincent Van Gogh or Pablo Picasso the artists that they are? Was it the real art, or the defining epoch in which they lived? Was it an intellectual thought embedded in the entire artist? W...

08th March 2010

Contemporary Painting Ideas

The word "contemporary art" generally refers to any art produced after World War II. Contemporary work of art styles are more different than they have ever been, and today's painters contain a virtual lack of limitations that describe what is acceptable. ...

08th February 2010

Texture by means of Oil Colour

Oil colour, with its standard, lends well with the glazing techniques with a smooth polished finish. Though, there are a huge variety of texture effects that can be attained in oil painting using customary techniques like impasto, or just through trialing...

02nd February 2010

The Brilliance of an Abstract Painting

The fine art of abstract painting began a very long time in the past. Artists began this art before hundred years. , You might have seen certain abstract paintings of renowned painters till now. Some well known painters are Van Gogh, Picasso and Modiglia...