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04th August 2011

Communication, an ever-evolving sector

Communicating is certainly a primary need of human beings, and the development of means of communication is an evidence of this. With the constant development of social networks, next generation mobiles, web in general and all the means of communicati...

13th May 2011

The DJ from the 40s to Nowadays

He makes us dance and have fun, creating original music sequences and mixing different songs together. We are speaking about the DJ, and this is his history, in brief. When you go to the disco or attend an electronic music concert, much of your fun is ...

03rd May 2011

Greenbuilding in Verona from the 4th to the 6th of May 2011

Energy efficiency and sustainable architecture are topical issues of these days. The event “Greenbuilding”, which will take place in Verona, will be focused on this. The fifth Greenbuilding, the international exhibition and conference on energy efficie...

06th October 2010

Plastic as a new frontier of ecology

Plastic is without doubt one of the most commonly used materials today. We are astonished to realize that 90% of the objects that we use every day is made of plastic or have plastic parts. Plastic is in fact now central to the current industrial syste...