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20th June 2011

Portable Speaker Sound Comparison

Over the past year, the question that has been ringing in our ear has been, “How LOUD are these speakers?” Fortunately there is a metric of sound called the decibel by which we can conduct this controlled experiment. Naturally, most humans are not blesse...

17th May 2010

LifePROTEKT announces the opening of an online retail outlet

Today LifePROTEKT, dedicated to bringing parents and caregivers information and support to help manage their care giving responsibilities, announces the opening of an online retail outlet at will offer the l...

07th May 2010

Wilson Sleek Signal Booster

The latest product in the Wilson cell phone signal booster line is the new Sleek. The Sleek is a universal cradle with built in antenna connected to a signal booster. With the ease of use and performance increase the Sleek is bound to be a winner. Fo...

30th March 2010

Spiderman Birthday Party

Spiderman birthday party is one of the boys favorite Superheroes birthday party. Once you have decided that Spiderman is your party theme. You can begin to make your party plans that would make your party fun and easy. First you decide/make a list of th...