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17th March 2010

hairstyles for men

style and the shape of your face as well. Many hairstyles will only look good on a certain face shape, for example a buzz cut can be very sexy on a man and simple as well, but this is not the best hairstyle if you have big ears or an odd shaped head. This...

25th February 2010

Wrinkle skin care treatment

The human body is a wrinkle factory. Genetics, supporting fat tissue wasting, ultra-violet-induced collagen loss and excessive muscle usage all help etch out the face's wrinkles. Actually staying out of the sun is near impossible while facial exercises es...

25th February 2010

Best treatment for acne

If you are looking for a great acne treatment then you should focus on your diet. Doctors and other alternative healers say that diet is maybe the single greatest acne treatment. A very potent form of alternative acne treatments is a herbal acne remedy. T...