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Emma Ralph

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About Me: My name is Emma Ralph and I have been using pastels as a painting medium for many years and although I don't exhibit in a gallery on a regular basis, my work sells quite frequently at local art fares and exhibitions. I have also sold acryllic and oil paintings that I have done.

Talking to other artists has made me realize that people who haven't used pastels think they will be difficult or they wont last. Personally, I believe that they are a very versatile and forgiving medium and would love to think that I have helped others give it a try and discover how much fun pastels can be. Please stop by my website, it's specific to pastels and I offer a free 10 day mini course.


17th February 2010

Materials You Need for Pastel Painting

Going to an art supply store and stocking up on materials is one of the guilty pleasures of being an artist, even for the hobbyist. All those paints, pastels, pencils, brushes, easels, sketchpads, sheets of paper, blank canvasses, and interesting tools ca...

08th February 2010

How to Begin with Pastels: Some Tips To Get You Started

Making art is generally messy. With the possible exception of digital photography, making art is going to leave you with stained fingers, a floor in need of vacuuming, a trash can full of off-cuts, and a spare room piled high with works-in-progress. It's ...

28th January 2010

Materials You Need for Pastel Painting

One of the big attractions of this medium is the simplicity of the materials you need for pastel painting. You don't have to prepare a palette or a canvas before you start working, and you don't need to wait for anything to dry between layers. Effectively...

28th January 2010

Two Different Types of Pastels

When it comes to the wonderful game of pastels, there are really only two players in town: soft pastels and oil pastels. While they're similar in many ways, they are both different types of pastels and demand a slightly different method for best results.S...

20th January 2010

How to Begin with Pastels By Learning Technique

If you want to know how to begin with pastels there are a few techniques that need to be explained first. Once you understand and practice them and see what effect they will have it will be very easy to begin painting with pastels. Spare a thought for...