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25th January 2010

1.18.10 One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 13 Review

The 1.18.10 One Tree Hill episode started out with some nice touring scenes of Haley on the bus, going from town to town doing the whole rock star thing. I know Haley is a rock star and everything, but it seemed like half the episode was concert footage o...

19th January 2010

Review of Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 11

After watching the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy I'm thinking of getting all of my medical procedures done in Canada. You want to talk about a healthcare crisis, just turn off FOX News and watch 5 seconds of this show. Mark and Lexie's relationship...

15th January 2010

American Idol Review – Season Premier American Idol, television, tv, watch tv, tv shows

The ratings juggernaut and pop culture phenomenon known as American Idol hit the small screen starting out with auditions in Boston to kick off its ninth season. Idol has been garnering a lot of internet chatter with the departure of Paula Abdul and addit...