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12th February 2010

Internet Phones Boon for Making Free Calls

Internet telephony has opened up great possibilities for modern day communications as it enables people to make calls from their PC. Users easily get connected with the help of the technology and it is also possible to make free Internet calls with the ai...

08th February 2010

Call to Bangladesh for Only Pennies a Minute

Making a cheap call to Bangladesh used to be impossible before the development of internet phone technology. Now, anyone with friends, family members, or colleagues in this heavily populated country can stay connected for only pennies a minute. With a gro...

27th January 2010

Make Free VoIP Calls By Internet Phone

For these days technology is a growing as a rocket and its getting more and more advanced. All people are getting very interest to grab new things which can do their work more easily and quickly. The advancement of technology helping us to explore our ski...