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02nd August 2011

Stop ThumbSucking

There's no question thumb or finger sucking habit will mis-alignment your child's teeth, or deform his/her jaw. The question is not how, but when? The degree of his/her teeth damage, and the strength to which finger or thumb sucking affects a c...

27th January 2010

Gullible, Easily Persuaded, to Buy any Weight-Loss Product Before You Sample it

Weight-loss manufacturers stay in business by selling you their products, supposedly designed to help you lose weight, enhance your health, increase your energy and sculpt a body you'll be proud of and inspire your friends to follow your lead. And they...

21st January 2010

Low Cards Diet: A Good Fuel Source?

Eating a low carbs diet does have it's consequences, but the question is, is it a good fuel source? You're probably aware that staying on this type of diet doesn't mean going on a starvation diet. No, it means excluding foods with added sugar and other...

18th January 2010

Do Weight-Loss Products Manufacturers Think You’re Gullible, or Want to Sell You Short?

Which would you prefer, a manufacturer offering FREE diet samples, or one who doesn't offer any trial samples? Friend, some weight-loss products manufacturers don't want to sell you short. The ones that offer FREE diet samples have put their products t...