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23rd February 2010

Samsung Jet S8000 of GSM Scion---You Can Not Help falling in Love with It

Samsung, one of the renowned conglomerates in the electronics and telecommunication market, has always lived up to its hard-earned reputation and consumer expectation. Introducing innovative and user-friendly mobiles has become Samsung's forte and Samsung...

23rd February 2010

The Best GSM Smartphones for 2010 in the Present fast-paced Technology Age

A GSM smartphone is among the gadgets that claim to make a modern urban life full of activities, smoother and smarter. Besides making calls and sending SMSs, other modes like social networking, emailing, buzzing and tweeting are there to connect and commu...

17th February 2010

Samsung B5772, the Latest Dual SIM GSM Mobile Model is a Standout

Demand for dual SIM or Subscriber Identity Module GSM phones is sky rocketing. These phones allow the use of two SIM cards of different mobile connections simultaneously. Using a single phone with two different numbers is a great advantage for those who h...

11th February 2010

The B5310 CorbyPRO is a Samsung GSM Model with Visual and Functional Enticement for Everyone

B5310 CorbyPRO is the latest outcome of Samsung GSM technology. It is a symphony of simplicity and sophistication in its visual being. It is a Samsung wonder with enticements for the touchscreen addicts, the music buffs, the internet freaks and the multim...

11th February 2010

Samsung M7603 of GSM genre is all ready to seduce you into its embrace

I do not give a damn of being labeled as a sycophant of Samsung models by my beloved readers; rather wish to express my gratitude to them who like to devour every word of my article with rapt attention. I have made it wont of using a variety of GSM models...

08th February 2010

Talking to Tomorrow through the Highly Efficient GSM Phones

The most popular digital cellular technology is GSM. The rise of GSM phones has not been a bed of roses though. It was rather a step-by-step growth for the smart technology to have a winning streak over its other, closely popular counterpart, CDMA. Th...

08th February 2010

Samsung GSM B3410 with Striking Features is Giving a Passionate Call to Youngsters

You can tag me as a gadget geek or boo me as a techno mad. Whatever it is, I can not restrain my exuberance over GSM technology. Much has been said in adulation of this technology, yet many a word is bubbling inside to shower praise upon it. Especially wh...

29th January 2010

GSM Phones – Your Gateway to the World of Fun and Excitement; and Work too!

Of late, GSM technology has seen an upright surge. It has come out from the shell of mobile phones and has reached the spectrum of security system for vehicles, with a horde of features that will ensure premium protection for your vehicle no matter where...

29th January 2010

Sending or Receiving Messages via GSM Modems is Fun and Economic as well

With technology progressing at a cracking pace, dangling wires used for connectivity are all set to pass in a limbo in not so a distant future. Take the case of GSM modems that provide a wireless connection. It scores over dial-up modems from the perspect...

21st January 2010

You Can’t Help but Exalt over the Excellent Features of GSM mobiles

Mobile phone started its journey with the very task of connecting people. It has been a prestigious journey for this communication tool. On its way, it has integrated many a brilliant feature that has enhanced its usability by many folds. GSM is one such ...

21st January 2010

The Relentless Growth of GSM technology and Its New Waves

Progress of GSM technology - WCDMA and 5G From GPRS to EDGE to the upcoming WCDMA, GSM technology has touched all heights of communication to the expectation of its users. From 2G to 3G to 5G, it has really taken a giant leap. WCDMA is the standa...

07th January 2010

Latest GSM Phones- Staying Connected has never been easier

Life in the 21st century just cannot be imagined without cell phones. Most of us would be just lost in wilderness without these super-useful devices. Mobile phones are packed with so many features that they have efficiently replaced the roles of a calc...

07th January 2010

Samsung GSM 360 H1 -the Latest Offer to Impress You

Samsung has always been a pioneer in introducing new mobile handsets with innovative technological advances in the sprawling global market of mobiles. Therefore it was no wonder for the techies when Samsung accorded a rousing and cordial welcome to the GS...