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About Me: CEO of a sustainable energy company with operations in the US and Asia. Educator. Speaker.


06th January 2010

Distributed Generation? Try Distributed Storage

One of the hot topics in renewable energy is "distributed generation." If every home and business would install some solar panels or small wind turbines to generate their own electricity, then any excess electricity could be sold back to the grid. Build e...

06th January 2010

Pollution Economics 101

The oil industry is attacking the proposed climate change legislation that has passed the House and is on its way to the Senate. Here is a summary of the arguments from the American Petroleum Institute: "The House climate change bill will increase ...

06th January 2010

Of Energy Dreamers Past and Present

Rich Karlgaard, the publisher of Forbes magazine, writes a column in every issue called "Digital Rules." He is a very smart guy and, usually at least, very innovative and forward thinking. I say "usually" because he just missed the boat in his latest b...

06th January 2010

Wind Energy and Political Grandstanding

Plans to build a $1.5 Billion wind energy project in Texas got some unwanted publicity this week when grandstanding politicians issued press releases and open letters urging the Department of Energy to reject any applications for clean energy tax credits ...

06th January 2010

More Important Than Copenhagen

Four months ago, I predicted that, "Those looking for simple solutions to climate change will be very disappointed by the absence of firm emission reduction targets in Copenhagen later this year. . . . But at the same time, [the US and China] will pursue ...

06th January 2010

When Big Oil Buys the Gas Company

Earlier this week ExxonMobil, the world's largest publicly traded oil and gas producer, announced that it had agreed to buy XTO Energy, the second-largest producer of natural gas in the US. ExxonMobil will acquire XTO for stock valued at $31 billion, maki...