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Jordan Crouter

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About Me: I am on a personal MISSION to empower all of you frustrated stuck entreprenuers & give you the strength, courage & support to finally turn all of your dreams into reality!

I have been an entrepreneur my whole life. I was the kid mowing my friends’ lawns for money. I couldn’t believe my friends’ parents were paying me $60 dollars per month for only 4 hours of work per month. That’s $15 bucks per hour as a 12 year old, almost 20 YEARS AGO! It’s scary to say, but how many people do you know today that would apply and readily take that kind of pay today as an employee.

I consider my lawn mowing days my first successful business venture as an Entrepreneur. Unfortunately somewhere along the journey I lost that Entrepreneurial belief in myself & started believing what every one else was teaching me! “Go to School”, “Get a good Job”, & “Find a good company to work for”. So I did that! I took a great job with a great company. I was set! I had the great job with a great company & was making a great mid six-figure income. I had clawed & worked my way to Vice President of a $52 million dollar company and was set to take it over one day. The only problem was it was destroying me physically and wrecking havoc on my family. Sound familiar, anyone!

Well, I physically hit the wall. I was working 16+ hours per day, sleeping at the office 2-3 times per week, pounding energy drinks like crazy...and then finally my body told me no more and shut down. I was diagnosed with Bacterial meningitis and spent (7 WEEKS in intensive care unit) and nearly died! I was such a brainwashed employee my brain basically overheated and blew a head gasket…..literally!

During the 7 weeks in ICU I had (2) brain surgeries and plenty of time to ponder life & my family.

Unfortunately it took me (2) brain surgeries and (1) near death experience for me to realize something had to change.

I finally started asking questions like an Entrepreneur again.

-How long can I sustain this?

-If I don’t show up to work, will I get paid?

-Why do my coworkers bring me down so much?

-Why don’t I have freedom to come & go?

The little boy (entrepreneur) mowing lawns was BACK!


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07th January 2010

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