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06th August 2010

Extreme Diets Rarely Work

A good reason why most people cannot carry on with fad diets for much time is because the dietary recommendations are too complex to undertake. Over a sustained period of time, it is hard to maintain severe imbalances in your daily eating pattern, as peop...

06th August 2010

What Happened To Diet Books?

Once upon a time, a good way to get rich in America was to publish a best selling diet book. If your book gave the impression that people could lose lots of weight without putting in any effort or exercise, you were almost guaranteed success. Nowadays ...

06th August 2010

Make That Meal Pleasurable

Although it is quite easy to change what you eat to a more healthy diet, you can also change how you eat. There are many things you can do to create a pleasurable experience for your meal times. Once you decide to change your ways, you should hopefully ne...

06th August 2010

Food Is Good For The Body And Soul

Do we eat just to satisfy our hunger? Not really. A big reason why we eat is for enjoyment, the pleasure of experiencing different flavors and aromas, and the satisfaction of feeling full after a delicious meal. Also, there is the social side to eating...

06th August 2010

Finding Time To Cook

Fresh food is always the best, and that brings me round to the subject of cooking. With the hectic schedules led by people today, finding time to cook has been put onto the back burner. However, if we care about our health, we should always find time to c...