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05th May 2010

Waxing Beauty

For centuries, women have tried in earnest to remove unwanted hair from their pubic area to look good in their swimwear. One of the most common ways is shaving. Shaving is great although it can leave your skin looking irritated with bumps and ingrown hair...

19th February 2010

Lighten Your Bikini Areas

Wearing a skimpy micro bikini exposes your skin to extreme sunlight which can darken areas of your skin that already have a darker tint to them. The area in between your thighs and the area around the bottom of your buttocks are parts of your body that ma...

17th February 2010

Bikini Hands and Feet

Bikini wear involves more than just getting a sun tan, toning up and fitting your body into a tiny piece of fabric. It also includes taking care of your hands and feet which, believe it or not, are even more noticeable than your skimpy swimwear. Just im...

27th January 2010

Body Paint Bikini

Every woman's body is unique. They are like fingerprints. There are no two in the world that are of the same proportion or skin tone. A female's body is extremely complex and exhibits exceptional depth. A painted on bikini shows off her unique stature...