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About Me: Patricia Miketich has over 16 years of experience with hair extensions and hair replacement. She has traveled all over the world learning different hair extension and hair replacement techniques. She also has created numerous hair extension techniques. She patent pending techniques, and several registered trademarks, such as her award winning Remylinks line. She has won several awards, and is known to offer more female hair extension and hair replacement techniques than anyone else in the world.


08th January 2010

Biolustre Hair Repair can Fix Your Damaged Hair

Biolustre is one of the best hair repair method of maintaining your hair healthy and shiny by protecting it from damage, or repairing it if damage has occurred. Growing healthy hair is not an easy task. Biolustre is one among the most popular products av...

05th January 2010

Bad Haircut? Hair Extensions is the Solution

A bad haircut is possible happen to everyone at any one time or another. At that time it may seem like a hell. Though all hair is not lost, it is bitter to face the situation. Fortunately we are the human beings and naturally the hair grows back. So the b...

29th December 2009

Non Surgical Hair Replacement for Women Growing in Popularity

Non-surgical hair replacement is acquiring a full head of hair without undergoing surgery. The procedure is attaching a thin transparent layer of polyurethane to the scalp, forming a tight membrane which acts as a second layer of skin. The Process provide...