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13th December 2010

Vintage Movie Posters- How to Determine Their Real Worth?

Subject of the Vintage Poster Subject popularity determines the real value of a vintage poster. Subjects of some vintage movie posters are influenced by the period of time in which they were made. The topic of these posters also influenced the collector...

13th December 2010

Create Your Own Masterpiece Artwork with Photo on Canvas

Photo on Canvas refers to the printing of an image onto the canvas. With the help of the latest printing technology offered by reputed printers, printing photo to canvas has become one of the most feasible options for people from all strata of society to ...

24th November 2010

Bagging the best mobile phone deals in Australia

There has been a steep rise in the sale of mobile phones in Australia in recent times, with eager buyers thronging sales counters, both online and retail. However, it’s in the online stores that the best mobile phone deals in Australia can be found. That’...

18th November 2010

Lend your home a classical touch with vintage movie posters!

In the past decade, numerous firms have cropped up to offer these classic pieces of art for sale and they have indeed succeeded in their endeavor. These posters of vintage origin have caught popular attention. Vintage movie posters have clearly stolen ...

18th November 2010

Celebrate your cherished photos by getting them printed as artworks on canvas

Digital photos have empowered us to choose which pictures are for keeps without flinching for the erstwhile loss of film rolls. To top it off, photo canvas art gives you a wonderful option of turning your cherished memorabilia into canvas prints to adorn ...

16th November 2010

Are You Looking for Best Mobile Phone Deals?

If you are a resident of Australia and wish to avail of the best mobile phone deals, this article will help you get started in the right direction. With mobile internet showing huge growth the world over and the prices of hardware and service falling rapi...

15th November 2010

Original Vintage Posters – Innovative idea for home décor

Some half a century ago, Europe witnessed advertising using hand-made posters for products and services. Seasoned artists used to create colorful original vintage posters to advertise all kinds of products including food, travel, entertainment, liquor and...

03rd November 2010

Canvas Portraits from Photos: The Best Way to Preserve Your Cherished Photographs

Getting canvas portraits from photos done is a popular technique to preserve a cherished image. A canvas portrait can last for a century if the correct canvas and ink quality is used during the process of converting photos to canvas prints. Your most cher...

03rd November 2010

Stretcher Bars for Canvas – An Overview

Since always, artists have been making use of stretcher bars, also wrongly spelled as strecher bars by many, for mounting canvases. The stretcher bars for canvas impart the much required tautness and firmness to the canvas making it ideal for painting or ...

27th October 2010

Renewable Solar Energy- Go Green and Save Money!

In Arizona, solar energy is available in abundance. Installing solar (AZ) systems in your home or office in Arizona is therefore a viable and smarter option if you really wish to do your bit for saving the environment from harmful gases. Unlike fossil fue...

27th October 2010

The Significance of Digital Photo Printing on Canvas

You have just clicked a beautiful picture with your digital SLR camera and want to show it to your friends and family. But, what are the options available with you? Should you just save it to your laptop and share with them or plan something else? Well, i...

25th October 2010

Everything You Wanted to Know About Stretcher Strips

Every good artist needs stretcher strips to ensure ease in painting on canvas. He or she doesn’t have to worry about the size since they are available in different lengths and widths. It is very important to choose the right kind of strips that suit your ...

25th October 2010

Showcasing pictures and artwork with large digital prints on canvases

Digital art has gained a lot of popularity, as digital technology is largely being used for taking pictures. Not only professional photographers have embraced this know how to make a better shot; most amateurs are also using digital cameras for its sheer ...

19th October 2010

Beautiful Vintage Posters—Impressive Decorative Material

A vintage travel poster used as a decorative piece for the interior decoration of a travel office lobby, is the best way to add liveliness to the ambiance. Vintage posters represent the magnificent beauty and artistic insights of the glorious past. These ...

11th October 2010

Your Art Frames Need Good Stretcher Frames and Bars

It’s amazing how an accessory sometimes becomes more important than the main item. This is true in respect of your art and the stretcher bars for canvas. The frames must be strong and graceful to look at and must stretch the canvas without tearing it or l...