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12th August 2010

Straight-Talk Questions And Answers About Acting School For Kids

Artistic Director Jeff Alan-Lee, whose students have included Scarlett Johansson and Shia LaBeouf, has taught and developed many of today's top talent. Jeff talks about his perspective and teaching philosophy in response to questions from parents interest...

18th July 2010

Acting School for Kids: Is it worth it

Acting classes for kids provide a safe space for kids to transform their emotions into an impressive expression of creativity. Although acting school Los Angeles for kids are typically used as a prerequesite for an acting career, the benefits gained from ...

18th June 2010

What Acting Classes Can Teach Your Child

Parents are often under the impression that participation in acting classes Los Angeles will change their child's academic progress. According to a study conducted by UCLA, students involved in the arts tend to have higher academic performance and better...

21st May 2010

How Can Acting Classes Help Your Child?

Acting school for kids not only prepares your child to become a rising star on the big screen but also helps with development of speaking skills, confidence and acting skills in children between ages of 3 - 18. In today's competitive marketplace, it is o...

09th April 2010

For the young actors, auditioning is fun!

OK, the key to survival as a young actor is summed up in one little three letter word: FUN. According to acting school Los Angeles instructor, students have to enjoy going to acting classes, going to auditions and driving around town meeting people. The ...

09th March 2010

Help your young actor nurture their talent

For some actors mom and dad made sure to put them in auditions when they were just a newborn. Most babies played someone else's newborn on a TV show or movie, and some babies did commercials for things Huggies and Johnson & Johnson's products. For some a...