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About Me: Melissa Rose grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. She started her first business, a marketing company, while still in college at the age of 20, and spent the next 20 years self-employed. In 2008, Melissa took her formal and informal business training and experience wrote a workbook for her 12-year-old daughter so that she could learn about entrepreneurship. Her daughter’s business, Plants, Paws and Pacifiers just survived its first year and she recently started a second business. Melissa is the Founder and President of Boxx Productions, a company that produces an interactive, independent, educational tool called, Biz In A Boxx, which gives kids ages 7 to 18 hands-on experience in starting and running their own business. She is driven by the knowledge that there are vital skills sets to be learned from entrepreneurship and that every America child deserves to have a brighter, productive future.

Melissa received her BA in Journalism from the University of Arizona in 1991 and her MBA in 2003.


10th December 2009

How to Raise a Kid to Succeed

I recently listened to a woman tell me how her 10-year-old son wanted to start a business last year. She told me how her bright son came to her with a great idea for a business and had asked her for $50 to start it, which she happily gave to him in suppo...

10th December 2009

8 Things a Kid Can Get From Starting a Business

The US economy not only thrives on small businesses, it survives because of them. Entrepreneurism not only feeds the economy and strengthens communities, it fuels innovations and provides financial stability. The skill sets learned in running a busine...