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10th August 2010

Deforestation, Take Necessary Steps To Overcome The Problem!

Deforestation is not all that serious is it? After all, it only affects small pockets of the world and doesn't receive the same coverage as global warming or climate change. It is this type of mentality that is dangerous to everyone. Deforestation ce...

02nd June 2010

Sun Beginning to Shine on Australia and Solar Energy

In a land as sun-drenched as Australia, solar energy utilization naturally springs to mind. The amount of renewable energy generated by the numerous sunny days found in the nation is considerable, right? Sort of. The potential is certainly there, but...

14th May 2010

Wind Power Sweeps Across Australia

If there is one constant weather phenomenon on Earth, it is wind. From gentle zephyrs to mighty gusts, every location on the planet experiences wind, and many nations are turning to wind power to provide a limitless, renewable energy source. Australia i...

22nd April 2010

Solar Energy Brightens the United Kingdom

Recently, the European Union (EU) reached an agreement in which 15% of the union's electricity would be generated with renewable energy sources by the year 2020. One such renewable is solar energy, and the United Kingdom has taken the EU's plan and creat...

09th February 2010

Canada: Making the most of solar cells!

As a renewable energy source, the sun's infinite supply of rays is second to none. Solar cells are designed to capture solar energy and transform it into other forms of power such as electricity. Like so many other forms of alternative energy, Canada is...

08th February 2010

Canada, accounting for extensive biomass supply

Sometimes, when one envisions the country of Canada, rolling prairies and green forests spring to mind. This is not an altogether inaccurate picture because the nation still embraces its beautiful and sustainable natural resources. One of these resource...

03rd February 2010

Canada making the most of Geothermal Energy!

Geothermal energy is heat that is provided by the natural furnace that is Earth. Though the country does not use this resource as prevalently as wind or hydroelectric power, Canada is eyeing this renewable energy as yet another upon which to focus. ...

18th January 2010

Benefits and methods of installing solar heating panels at your home

When it comes to avail effective methods of making your home more environment friendly then installing solar heating panels would be a great idea. In much simpler terms, a solar panel collects the heat of the sun and turns it into warm water. As majority ...

09th December 2009

Renewable energy, providing maximum benefits

Making maximum use of renewable energy sources is not only a good way to save money, but it also helps in making the environment better.Renewble energy sources like solar, wind, water and geothermal energy are considered to be best environmental friendly ...