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15th December 2009

Alternative Methods in Getting Pregnant Help

How modern and advance today's medicine may be, it is still not enough to help increase the fertility and odds of a female to conceive. Sometimes, modern medicine and prescription drugs do not even help at all, and even worsens the situation, which can re...

08th December 2009

Treating infertility with accupuncture

With the rising costs of medical expenses and the dwindling down of the quality of health services, more and more alternative methods for treating infertility are getting some attention from the media. Some of the more popular options include lifestyle ch...

08th December 2009

Various Infertility Cures to Consider

Infertility is the condition wherein a couple is not able to conceive. This can pose a big problem between married couples. The husband can be infertile if there is a problem with his sperm. This can either be lack of sperm or a problem with sperm mot...

08th December 2009

Getting an Infertility Treatment with Your Health Insurance

Getting an infertility treatment can be costly. Sadly, this is the main reason why a lot of couples easily give up in getting treated. But do you know that procedures like these can be covered by your health insurance? In fact, a good handful of states...