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15th February 2010

The Green Myth of Eco Towns

Eco Towns, initially proposed in 2007 as zero carbon, energy efficient settlements, intended to cut emissions and allow a sustainable lifestyle. This in theory works, however, to allow development a vast amount of Greenfield land needs to be made availabl...

15th February 2010

Survivalism - An Evolutionary Response to Global Warming

Global warming is an issue which impacts all of us and one that few of us truly believe we are capable of resolving without significant alteration to our way of life. For many their feelings of helplessness are replaced with a natural, albeit primitive su...

22nd December 2009

An Optimistic Solution to Global Warming

The issue of global warming is one which is starting to attract worldwide global attention; which, as public awareness increases, the potentially catastrophic effects of our changing climate is beginning to sink in. The realization of this ongoing and 're...