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03rd February 2010

Laser Hair Removal on African American Skin

Laser hair removal works best on white skin and dark hair. The reason for this is because the technician has to target each hair follicle individually and if they have trouble seeing the hair, it can be difficult to target and remove. This presents a prob...

08th January 2010

Steps to do before a laser hair treatment

Getting laser hair treatment done on your body is a process that can take awhile, but it is well worth it. If you are worried about cost and the time it takes, then you simply need to follow these tips to help make the process go faster and help you be mo...

08th January 2010

Get Most Out of Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal came around in the mid-1990s and has exploded in popularity over the past decade. More and more people are looking to laser hair removal as a way to get rid of unwanted hair and to get the clear skin look. Of course, laser hair removal ...

08th January 2010

Tips to choose the best laser hair removal center

The correct thought process is: Asking the right questions can ensure that you do not get taken for your money, and that you do not have to worry about somebody who does not know what they are doing, using a laser on you. When you want to find a good lase...

10th December 2009

The Myths of Laser Hair Removal

There are a lot of myths out there about laser hair removal because it is a new technology that many people do not always trust. However, these myths are just that, myths, and you should not be worried about laser hair removal. It is safe, efficient and n...

07th December 2009

What Are the Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal?

When people think of lasers hitting their skin to remove hair, they are sometimes worried. Many wonder if lasers are even safe for the skin, and what kind of side effects can be expected with laser hair removal. To learn more, read on. It is natural to...