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11th December 2009

The Bail Bond Process

Though most people will tell you they know what a bail bond it, when people find themselves in trouble and in need of a bail bond, they find that the bail bond process is actually much more complicated than they had originally thought. The bail bond proce...

11th December 2009

San Diego Bail Bonds

If an individual commits a crime in San Diego County in the State of California, he or she must be taken to a local San Diego law enforcement station. There, he or she awaits a trial or incarceration in a California state prison or San Diego county jail. ...

11th December 2009

Orange County Bail Bonds

If you or someone you love is arrested for a crime in Orange County, bail may be required by the local Orange County law enforcement center as collateral to ensure that the arrested individual appears in court for his or her trial and/or sentencing, for c...

11th December 2009

Professional Bail Bondsmen

Most people do not know what it truly means to be a bail bondsman. With television ripe with shows of wrongdoing, felonies, arrests, and now even the incredibly popular Dog the Bounty Hunter show, the perception of who a bail bondsman is and what he or sh...