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21st December 2009

Some ways to save on Income Tax

When it is time to do your taxes in New York you may do your own taxes or you may get the help of a New York CPA or an accountant in NY to do your tax preparation. Even the most qualified people can make a mistake so the more you know about tax time the b...

21st December 2009

Top Income Tax Preparation Errors

During income tax season people all around are scurrying to their tax office to have their taxes prepared in hopes of receiving some money back as this time of year is so busy mistakes tend to happen frequently. Some mistakes go unnoticed and do not make ...

21st December 2009

Learn Tips to Increase Your Tax Refund

When you get ready to prepare your taxes or if you hire a NY certified public accountant to do it for you then you may sit there thinking about all the ways you could have saved your money this past year and how you should have done some things different ...

21st December 2009

More about Income Tax

If you work then you pay taxes. That is the way it has been and always will be. Not everyone is happy with the fact that the government does collect his share before you get yours but there is no other way. The advantage of the government dipping into you...

21st December 2009

Know More about Alternative Minimum Tax

If you are liable for the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) bracket this year you may not understand how you got there to begin with. Taxes can be confusing so the more you understand it the better the outcome. If you are living in the New York and lookin...

14th December 2009

Understanding More About Tax Audited Financial Statements

If you are in New York or for that matter in any state, when you receive a notice from the IRS that you are going to be audited you need to get all your tax audited financial statements ready for the meeting. Maybe you are not well versed in the intricaci...

09th December 2009

Will E-File Income Tax Submission for 2010 help?

The IRS is always working to help improve the way taxes are filed and submitted. More and more people are choosing E-file to submit their taxes to the IRS. After an overwhelming response to E-filing in 2008 the IRS decided to improve this method of filing...

09th December 2009

Know more about Income Tax

If you are trying to prepare for income tax season in New York, but you don't really understand anything about income tax, then it is important for you to learn as much as you can about income tax. The more you know about it the better you will be prepare...

09th December 2009

Does the Online Income Tax Accounting Software Really Help?

During tax season there are several different ways to prepare your taxes. If you are living in Manhattan or New York, you may hire an accountant or CPA in New York, you may try to do them yourself by obtaining the right forms or going online to file, or y...

09th December 2009

Best CPA tips about first time home buyer tax credit

If you are a first time home buyer how can you benefit from this on your tax returns? As a CPA in New York, I can just tell you that whether you plan to build your home or you are ready to move into your home you will want to get all the benefits of being...

09th December 2009

Why Get an Accountant or CPA NY For Tax Preparation?

If you live in NYC you should get an accountant or CPA for tax preparation Manhattan. Whether you run your own business or you are preparing your taxes for your personal income you want someone who is trained to handle the load. You should always prepare ...

09th December 2009

Top Reasons how a CPA in New York can help tax preparation

There are so many people in New York who try to do their own taxes and as long as you don't itemize then it is somewhat easy to do. If however you do get the opportunity to itemize or if you have several complications that may make it hard to do your taxe...

09th December 2009

Tips by CPA in Manhattan for Best Tax Preparation

If you are searching for the best Manhattan tax preparation advice it is better when it comes from a CPA. Tax preparation usually occurs from January and ends in April each year but if you take some time to prepare for tax season each year then you will b...

09th December 2009

How can Professional NY CPA Tax Preparation Service Help?

If you are getting ready for Manhattan tax season you may be able to get a jump start on your taxes by keeping the best records possible and if you don't then give yourself a few weeks to go through all your records to find out what you can use in your ta...

09th December 2009

NY CPA Tips: Common Tax Preparation Mistakes to Avoid

Manhattan Tax preparation can be a good time but it can also be a very stressful time and during that stressful time you may forget a lot of things that you needed to keep up with and you may make a few mistakes that can cost you money. Here are some of t...