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30th December 2009

Skin Care to Prevent Pimples

Skin Care to Prevent Pimples by Sumanth Donthi One of the most annoying problems adolescents and adults often face is the problem of pimples or acne, but with a good idea about how to prevent or minimize the effects, be on the know about skin car...

15th December 2009

Skin Care Basics for Everyone

Skin Care Basics for Everyoneby Sumanth DonthiMany people usually neglect the importance of ensuring the need to take good care of their skin, however, many also are not aware that there are simple and effective skin care basics for everyone and anyone.Ma...

15th December 2009

Winter Skin Care Expert Choices Part 1

Winter Skin Care - WebMD Expert Choices - Part 1 by Sumanth Donthi Cold Comfort for Your Skin It's cold outside, but your skin doesn't have to know the low temperatures. Keep your skin moisturized and pampered all winter long with WebMD the Magaz...