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26th November 2009

Movies by Flixster – iPhone App Review

Movies by Flixster (Free) REVIEW - "Movies Just How I Like Them" If you're one of those movie fans who combs IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes for information about movies you might see, you have seen, or think you don't want to see, Flixster is for you. ...

26th November 2009

Japanese Phrases Free – iPhone App Review

Japanese Phrases Free REVIEW- "Japanese Phrases Free Frees Users From Boring Phrases" Japanese Phrases Free offers a good collection of Japanese words and phrases for the beginner. There is an introduction to the app which makes the language and us...

26th November 2009 – iPhone App Review (Free) REVIEW - "Take Your Favorite Shows on the Road with You" Technology is ever present in our days, so it stands to reason that we can watch television on our iPhones. It just works - somehow. gives you a large selection of CBS...

26th November 2009

Free Drum Pad – iPhone App Review

Free Drum Pad (Free) Version 1.0 REVIEW- "A good beat only one touch away" The Free Drum Pad is an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that keeps you in touch with the beat of the drums! Who doesn't like to play the drums! Especially when they sou...

26th November 2009

CBS Sports Mobile – iPhone App Review

CBS Sports Mobile (Free) Version 1.3 REVIEW - "Full access to CBS sports from your mobile device!" Are you a sports junkie? Are you into every detail of every sporting event going on around you? Are you constantly looking for the latest fantasy i...

26th November 2009

Ubunchu Manga – iPhone App Review

Ubunchu Manga (Free) REVIEW - "The Manga of the world's cutest Linux: Ubuntu!" This app is meant for any comic lover, especially those who are fans of the Japanese comics, manga! The comics were specifically designed for mobile devices, so users can...

26th November 2009

Barnes & Noble Bookstore – iPhone App Review

Barnes & Noble Bookstore (Free) REVIEW - "B & N Products at Your Fingertips" Download the Barnes and Noble app and you can have books, DVDs and music at your fingertips. You can read reviews, get prices and decide what your next purchase will be. ...

26th November 2009

Brain Teaser – iPhone App Review

BrainTeaser (Free) Version - 1.4 REVIEW - "Going to really tease your brain!" This is your fair warning that this game is not for the faint of heart. Alright, so you're still with me? Good! BrainTeaser is a great game if you really like mind puz...

26th November 2009

Google Earth – iPhone App Review

Google Earth (Free) REVIEW - "Google Earth Gives You a Fresh View on the World" If you have ever wanted to feel like you're flying, the Google Earth iPhone app can provide just a slice of that feeling. This app is for people who enjoy playing wi...

26th November 2009

Flashlight – iPhone App Review

Flashlight (Free) REVIEW - "Need a Light? Try the Flashlight App" You often hear people joking about the many superfluous iPhone apps available. Who needs this stuff? Flashlight might seem like that kind of app, but you would be surprised by the m...

26th November 2009

The Clique – iPhone App Review

The Clique ($2.99) REVIEW - "Becoming part of the clique is a breeze!" *Review based on Free Book Preview no longer available The Clique Exclusive Preview offers an inside peek into the supposed number one bestselling story about an exclusive p...

26th November 2009

AIM – iPhone App Review

AIM (Free) REVIEW - "Instant Message is a breeze with this fun, easy App" When I first fired up this app, I was impressed with its quick startup and the fact that one can choose from three different instant messaging accounts, AIM, MobileMe or Mac....

26th November 2009

Yellow Pages - iPhone App Review

Yellow Pages (Free) Version 1.9 REVIEW - "Yellow Pages romances the iPhone" The basic function of the Yellow Pages application lies in delivering relevant search results based on your location. The initial screen, as observed below, provides a s...

26th November 2009

Paper Toss - iPhone App Review

Paper Toss (Free) Version - 1.1 REVIEW - "A pointless and yet addicting game!" I never thought I would find throwing virtual trash into a virtual trash can a fun way to pass the time, but that didn't stop me from loving Paper Toss by Backflip St...

26th November 2009

Blackbag - iPhone App Review

BLACKBAG - (Free) Version - 1.01 REVIEW - "Medical news from many sources" Are you a healthcare professional or even just someone who really likes to know what's going on in the medical field? Maybe your family has a history of heart problems, ...