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26th November 2009

Zombieland Movie Review: A Zombie Smashing Great Time

"Justin and I absolutely loved Zombieland. It truly was a "Zombie Killing Great Time." It's not too often when we go see a movie that I can ever get Justin to watch that movie a second time. However, I think that this movie had so many great qualities tha...

26th November 2009

Daybreakers Rumored To “Break In” To The Top Vampire Movies

"Soon to be released, Daybreakers has the makings of a great vamp movie that could break into the Megalist of Best Vampire Movies Ever Made. It's even got a killer cast lineup of Vampires -Ethan Hawke, Sam Niel, Michael Dorman, VS. Humans - Isabel Lucas, ...

26th November 2009

Michael Jackson’s This Is It Movie Review

"First, lets just start by saying - where else can you get a back stage pass to Michael Jackson for just $9? This was a great movie that showcased Michael's true talent and his passion for sharing a great message with the world. Here's our video review…...

26th November 2009

My Son Goes Up & I Get The Ugly Truth

"Today's new DVD releases include Disney - Pixar's "Up" and The Ugly Truth. I personally loved both movies and highly suggest getting either one of them. Up is definitely a stocking stuffer I'll give away this year. The story has a great message about ...

26th November 2009

New DVD Releases

"I love Tuesdays for the most obvious of reasons…. New Movie Tuesdays! In case you don't already know - new movie releases normally hit the shelves on Tuesdays. This Tuesday is like the buffet line for movie goers - tons of new releases sure to hit your...

26th November 2009

2012 – Laughter, Tears, & Special Effects

"Woot Woot! Paul Walker has a new movie coming out and he looks like he's going kick some butt. The best part is that is that he comes with some great sick kicks too - well I'm not entirely sure who's the side kick, but this cast looks to make a great "Co...