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08th March 2010

Menopause Diet Ideas Eat Lots Of Foods Rich In Phytoestrogens

Foods rich in phytoestrogens are a very healthy addition to any menopause diet as they can help relieve and alleviate a lot of the symptoms of. Here's some specific foods you can include in a menopause diet to help relieve the symptoms and signs of men...

11th February 2010

Acne Solutions Frequently Asked Questions About The Cures and Causes of Acne

I've started getting acne spots. How long do they last? This depends on what type of spots they are and, even then, it can be very difficult to predict what will happen. Some spots will appear and then disappear during the course of a day but others wi...

09th February 2010

Body Detox Diet Tips Beating The Food Demons

A three week detox diet is not a long time to abstain from alcohol, saturated fats, sugars, cakes and chocolates. I don't deny that you may have moments of weakness, but I will show you how to cope with those. The essential point is to make a three-week c...

08th February 2010

Quick Weight Loss Diet Tips Get Your Doctor On your Side

Has a doctor ever advised you to lose weight? Has a doctor ever advised you to exercise more? Have you been given specific advice or counseling on how to lose weight? The chances are that even if the answer to the first two questions is yes, the answer...

02nd February 2010

Overcoming Anxiety If You Live on Your Own

If you suffer with anxiety and panic attacks, the prospect or the reality of living on your own may seem a rather less than attractive proposition than it would otherwise. However, it is an excellent, positive position to be in. Not convinced? Living o...

01st February 2010

Effective Weight Loss Tips With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power

Regardless of the events in your life that have brought you to where you are now, you already have the power to lose weight and create new and positive experiences for yourself - in your subconscious mind. All you need do is turn this awareness into a mor...

01st February 2010

Why Dieting Is Not A Happy State

When you're on a diet, you go through the same emotional roller coaster as the hunger-strikers. Self-righteousness, commitment and idealism all slowly ebb away as the hunger bites deeper into your soul. Unease, anxiety and depression take their place. And...

27th January 2010

Personal Symptoms of Menopause

For pretty much all women, the changes in the menstruation cycles leading up to and during the time of menopause will be due to ever changing hormone levels. It is quite normal and natural to experience irregular periods for anything up to seven or eight ...

08th January 2010

I Want To Know How to Quit Smoking But Not Today

Even while you are still smoking, you may well be thinking to yourself, 'I want to know how to quit smoking'. Many smokers say this to themselves every day. A common train of thought is: 'If I go on smoking, my health will deteriorate. I can't let that ha...

14th December 2009

Weight Loss Tips Why Diets Fail

Most of us probably have enough fast weight loss tips to fill an encyclopedia, and also know which foods make us fat and which make us healthy. It isn't knowledge we are short of: the fact is that we tend to focus on the symptoms of the problem instead of...

04th December 2009

3 Day Detox Diet Preparation Tips

Before you get cracking on a detox diet, there are some things that you need to gather or source so that you have them ready for when you start. Many of these you will already have, or will know where to get hold of, but you should do this in plenty of ti...

27th November 2009

Famous Fashion Designers Charles James

Although born in England, Charles James is considered one of America's greatest couturiers. Photographer Cecil Beaton's iconic image of 1948, which shows a group of mannequins wearing dramatic James' evening gowns in the elegantly paneled room of a London...