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23rd December 2009

The Fight Against Water Pollution

The issue of water pollution has slowly become a very serious threat to mankind. Everyday, more and more pollutants contaminate our waters, and that leads to a variation of waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and E.coli infection. To combat th...

23rd December 2009

Thinking Forward With Storm Water Management

Land development is a fast becoming a lucrative industry. All around the world natural soil is being transformed into concrete roads, shopping malls, or high-rise buildings. Because of this rapid change in environment, the prevalence of impervious surface...

23rd December 2009

Controlling Excess Rainwater with Stormwater BMP

Do you ever wonder where all that water goes when it rains? When it rains, especially when there's a hurricane, where does all that water go, and how do we get clean water out of it? The answers lie in the water management system. When rain falls to the ...

23rd December 2009

Cleaning Up Your Water Supply

The total land area of the United States of America is close to a staggering 1.9 billion acres. With rain falling on the vast majority of that total land mass annually and on a consistent basis, along with the ill effects of everyday pollution, the need t...

25th November 2009

Overview of Storm Water Systems

You might be curious of how rain water is drained and where it eventually goes. After all, a typical 30-minute rain can produce up to a ton of water at a time. How come we never end up swimming in water for most rains? You might be surprised to realize...