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29th December 2009

What are your options while parenting teens?

Whenever you ask a troubled teen as to what is their problem with their parent, more often than not you will get to hear that they are ‘not really being listened to'. Well, ‘listening' is a tad difficult task for parents. They might also find ‘commu...

09th December 2009

Teens of the 90s vs. Teens of the 00s

Only a decade apart, striking differences are glaring between these two batches of youth. We can say that the past two decades brought dynamic changes in cultural touchstones, social reactions, career and familial outlooks, as well as world views. In ...

27th November 2009

Teen Guilty in the Murder of Own Father

Just recently, CNN reported a heart-breaking news about a Berkeley teen who was convicted in the murder of his father. The victim was raising three kids on his own when one of them, for reasons unknown, murdered him with a gunshot to the head. The judge h...

25th November 2009

World’s Strictest Parents

The World's Strictest Parents is a television series conceptualized and brought into fruition by Twenty Twenty Television and was originally broadcasted by BBC. The United States' Country Music Television (CMT) and Australia's Channel Seven both came up w...